Our service to charities and trusts

EFG Harris Allday has for many years provided investment services to registered charities. We deal for many local and national charities of varying sizes and with widely different investment requirements and strategies. Charitable trusts under management include many endowment funds that are grant making, together with those for the support of historic buildings including churches and cathedrals. Others are formed to fill gaps in the provision of medical care, services to the sick, needy or impoverished. A number of music, museum and other cultural activities are supported by our charitable clients. A number have origins in the 16th century.

EFG Harris Allday is able to shape its investment advice accordingly. It provides investment management and advice to over a thousand trusts, many of whom are our largest clients. Our expertise encompasses the various types and styles of trusts and the relevant legislative requirements. Trustee clients include many formed for generational wealth protection, to build up funds for minor beneficiaries, to provide educational and maintenance of family members and many other purposes. We often work closely with clients' other professional advisers in connection with trust matters.