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Investment services

We offer a range of investment services through a dedicated point of contact (your investment advisor). For all options, we are able to trade on a range of markets in the UK and overseas.

1. Discretionary management

We will discuss your investment requirements, agree specific investment aims and objectives, together with any investment restrictions that you wish to impose. A discretionary service enables decisions to be taken by your investment advisor without referring to you each and every time and therefore decisions are executed in a timely manner, at the investment advisor's discretion.

2. Advisory Investment Management

Investment management of the client portfolio is undertaken by the investment advisor, however, your input is still required in any investment decisions. This is a full proactive advisory service where the investment advisor is responsible for ongoing suitability of your portfolio.

3. Advisory

This service is best suited to clients who prefer to retain ultimate control over the decision making process, and like to discuss recommendations and ideas. Advice is available as required.

4. Execution only

For those who do not require investment advice and just wish us to execute transactions, we offer a 'dealing-only' facility.

Order Execution Policy

Order Execution – Summary of Analysis and Conclusions for Top 5 Venues

5. Our Investment Terms and Conditions.

All of our Investment services are subject to our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), including Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs). Please take time to read through our T&Cs, if you have any questions relating to how these T&Cs apply to our Investment Services, please contact your EFGHA Investment Advisor.


The emphasis for retirement provision is increasingly being placed upon the individual and the need to make informed investment decisions is more important than ever. To this end, we strongly recommend that independent pension advice be sought. Should you wish, we would be delighted to refer you to a qualified Independent Financial Adviser.

We do not advise on pension products, but manage funds held within pension portfolios, SSASs, SIPPs (prior to and when providing an 'alternatively secured pension') and have agreements in place with numerous pension providers.

Tax-efficient investment

EFG Harris Allday is authorised by the Inland Revenue as an ISA Manager.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) can be used to benefit from tax-advantageous saving. There are four types of ISAs available to investors, Innovative Finance, Lifetime, Cash and Stocks and Shares. It is possible to transfer Innovative Finance and Lifetime ISAs into a Stocks and Shares ISA. However transferring this type of account to another provider may be subject to penalties, therefore it is strongly recommended that professional advice is sought before doing so. EFG Harris Allday only offers Stocks and Shares ISAs, which can be used to invest in funds, equities and bonds that qualify under the ISA rules.

The total annual ISA allowance for 2019/2020 is £20,000. The benefits of an EFG Harris Allday Stocks and Shares ISA is outlined in our Stocks and Shares ISA Brochure below. In addition we also offer Stocks and Shares Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA) and the total annual allowance for 2019/2020 is £4,368.

Should you wish to open an EFG Harris Allday Stocks and Shares ISA or transfer any of your existing ISAs to EFG Harris Allday, please contact your EFG Harris Allday Investment Adviser, for further details.  Alternatively, if you are not currently an EFG Harris Allday client, please visit the Contact page within this website.

Your EFG Harris Allday ISA can be operated on a Discretionary and Advisory Investment Managed, Advisory or Execution Only basis (see Investment Services).


For many years we have offered a range of services to solicitors and private executors to enable them to deal with the administration and management of estates and the distribution of the assets within them. This applies to both existing clients of EFG Harris Allday and also for estates where we have had no previous contact.

In the current environment where time and cost considerations are becoming more important, a service which is reliable and efficient is vital and we believe offers a business opportunity to both you and us as experienced investment management professionals. It also enables both parties to focus upon their strengths and ease some of the administration involved in estate administration.

The probate services that we offer include the following:

Valuation of investments - once we have been notified of the death of a client we understand that speed and accuracy of valuing the estate is vital. We are therefore able to provide experienced individuals who produce valuations rapidly using the correct methodology. The services offered may also include verification of individual shareholdings and confirmation of the validity of old share certificates and investigative work with company registrars.

Disposal of assets within the estate - once probate is granted the focus changes to distribution of the assets through either asset sales or distributions and we have considerable experience in dealing with probate sales.

In many cases clients ask for advice concerning the timing of asset sales and we have a large number of suitably qualified investment professionals available to assist you. Should you or your clients wish to retain the investments and require ongoing portfolio management advice concerning suitability of investments and asset allocation we are happy to provide this service on a cost-effective basis which may include meetings with clients where appropriate.

Distribution of investments to beneficiaries - should the beneficiaries of an estate choose to retain the investments and we are happy to arrange for the investments to be transferred into beneficiaries' names.

Cash Deposits

We treat money held by us on your behalf in accordance with the FCA Client Money Rules. Client money balances are deposited on instant access accounts with several clearing banks.

Clients may operate a deposit and income account for each portfolio. All capital and income transactions as well as withdrawals can be made over a deposit account.

However, if a client wishes to keep income transactions separate, an income account will be opened. Balances can be transferred between accounts within the same portfolio at any time.

Term deposits may also be offered with EFG Private Bank Limited. These deposits are not covered by the client money rules but do receive the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


This is our standard and preferred service. It provides the client with the most efficient way to settle transactions and hold securities. We are responsible for the administration of your investment affairs including the collection of dividends and interest paid to you. Investments are registered in the name of HALB Nominees Limited (HALB), our nominee company. HALB is a wholly owned subsidiary of EFG Private Bank Limited and its sole activity is to act as a nominee company.

We offer three options:

Nominee - clients using this service will have their assets protected in accordance with the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). All dividend and interest payments received by HALB are credited to your account. Then balances can be reinvested in accordance with your instructions or remitted to you electronically. We will send you a Consolidated Tax Voucher each year including the details on dividends and interest received by you. All of these services are currently available free of charge.

Certificated Holdings - for clients who wish to continue to be responsible for the day to day administration of their investment affairs and to receive full information from companies. Under this option, share certificates are issued in your own name in respect of each holding. When a sale is made, a transfer deed has to be signed by you and returned with the share certificate to EFG Harris Allday before the securities can be sold; typically transactions take longer to complete than under the Nominee Service. The flow of information from companies is received by you directly from registrars.

CREST Personal Membership - for clients who require full information from companies but prefer electronic custody of their holdings. As the beneficial shareholder, your name (via EFG Harris Allday) appears on each company register. The flow of information from companies is then received directly by you. However, the requirement for certificates and transfer deeds is removed and movements of stock are made electronically. There is a small annual charge for this service.


We provide clients with regular portfolio valuations, allowing progress and performance of portfolios to be readily monitored. Valuations will be prepared on a quarterly basis, together with ad hoc valuations where necessary. Valuations can be posted or e-mailed, and also accessed via our secure website link.