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Being part of a valued team of professional advisers

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Being part of a valued team of professional advisers

We work with a trusted network of third-party advisers, supporting our clients with their succession planning.

George Marling
George Marling

Traditionally, many Investment Managers, whilst designing a client’s portfolio have quite rightly focused on the client’s risk tolerance and the asset allocation that suits their investment objective. This is very important, but one area that clients may not consider, is how we can look at their long-term investments alongside their other needs.

A client recently approached EFG Harris Allday, due to our bespoke and personal service.

Whilst discussing plans for their retirement investment, it became clear that as she was relatively young, like many clients in their 50s, she hadn’t yet given much thought to succession or later life planning.

I discussed the importance of having a will in place and how along with making a will, estate planning and matters such as lasting power of attorney (LPA) are part of normal financial planning for the future. It is very sensible to have arrangements in place that can help ensure financial and healthcare decisions for you can be made by a reliable person in the event where you may be unable to make decisions for yourself.

I worked with the client, and a series of third-party professional advisers, including their solicitor to put these in place. This led to a conversation about inheritance tax planning, where third party advisers were further able to make recommendations and put in place plans to suit the client’s future needs.

We were able to then establish a bespoke portfolio, designed to meet the investment needs of the client. Working with a team of professional advisers had helped her to enjoy the next stage of her life, in the safe knowledge that their finances are being well looked after.


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