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Building confidence in investing

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Building confidence in investing

Many women have little confidence when it comes to investing - yet multiple studies show that women tend to be better investors than their male counterparts.

Caroline Sisson
Caroline Sisson

It is important to find an Investment Manager who can guide you with the right advice and support.

Our client, a recent widow in her early 70’s, was looking for advice for the investment of approximately £1,000,000 to provide an income in retirement. The client had some experience of managing her day to day finances but any investments had previously been looked after by her husband. She therefore felt she needed the support of a professional advisor and EFG Harris Allday were recommended to her as a Firm who offered a bespoke personal service with whom she could discuss her requirements on a one to one basis.

The client arranged a meeting with a female advisor, with whom she felt more comfortable. She found the advisor to be knowledgeable, personable and most importantly, able to communicate in a clear and concise manner, using language that the client could relate to. In the difficult period following the death of her husband, she found this extremely re-assuring.

In order to remove the day to day pressure of making investment decisions, the Discretionary service level was agreed upon and a diversified portfolio of assets was compiled to meet the client’s financial goals and investment objectives.  

The loss of a loved one is a life defining event and a having a personal investment manager that the client can speak to at any time, either with specific questions or for more informal chats regarding her investments and markets, was a deciding factor in her choice of EFG Harris Allday.

Our client is now enjoying the next stage of her life safe in the knowledge that her finances are being well looked after.