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Helping busy professionals to plan for the future

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Helping busy professionals to plan for the future

We work with many professional clients across the UK. A Partner at a Law firm approached us, seeking investment advice to help support his family in the future.

Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Hall

We support a range of clients, each varying in investment experience.

Our client successfully managed his own portfolio for several years, however due to the administration time constraints and compliance implications, it was time to step away and seek ongoing support.

The client is in his mid-40's. He has high outgoings with general family life, school fees for his two children and mortgage payments. These are being covered by his annual salary, which also funds two ISA subscriptions at the current rate for both himself and his wife. 

The general investment portfolio and ISA accounts are valued at £425,000, split across various firms and ISA providers. He also has a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) with a value of £400,000. 

After several meetings with the client and the accounts being opened, he has opted for a growth strategy over the long-term, to be reviewed regularly, helping to create financial independence in the future. 

Our first actions were to arrange the transfers in-specie of all assets. This will consolidate them to our management and allow us to gain a full understanding of the holdings. We can assess where these are held without creating any unexpected tax liabilities. 

These holdings are now managed on a discretionary basis - being fully reviewed and adjusted, to meet the objectives of the client via our investment style. We continue to maintain communication with the client, to express our views on the markets and portfolio performance on a regular basis.