Private clients

At EFG Harris Allday, it starts with a conversation, and leads to our recommendations to you.

In-between, we probe deeper; bring in new information, or a fresh technical perspective.

We take account of your bigger picture, even if we manage just a discrete element of your wealth.

Our aim: to earn your trust, through sound guidance and practical results.

What do you want from your investment advisor?

  • Your investment advisor relationship

    Technical expertise, crafted into advice, delivered one relationship at a time.

    To us, it's a question of chemistry between people. Clients of EFG build a relationship with a professional of the highest calibre.

    Your investment advisor will:

    • Have a long, successful track record in investment management.
    • Have your interests at heart, under no pressure to sell certain products.
    • Work with technical specialists, and/or your other advisers.
    • Stay with you, year in, year out. Allowing trust and confidence to grow over time.
  • Structuring your wealth

    It's about you and yours:

    You - we all have goals, interests and passions. We help you chart the best course; to turn your aspirations into reality.

    Your life - none of us are immune to events that shape our lives. We are there to tackle challenges as they arise, making changes if circumstances dictate.

    Your family - it's not just you, but your family and friends. We can help clarify your thoughts, creating solutions that reflect your wishes.

    Your work - wealth and work are inextricably linked. We can help you with financial issues arising from work, business or retirement.

  • Crafting your solutions

    What are you looking to achieve?

    Goals tend to be multi-faceted, and they change over time.

    For each of our clients, we craft a solution around their aims and requirements.

    This means:

    • Adopting a structured approach - defining our strategy, choosing the right asset mix, assembling the building blocks and ongoing vigilance.
    • Being guided by an investment strategy. We combine our expertise with your views and preferences.
    • Finding the right investment blend for you. Striking the right balance between risk and return. Drawing on the best of the market, complemented by the expertise and solutions of our own asset management business.
  • Product & service filter

    We simplify complexity for you. This is especially important when it comes to selecting the right products for your solution.

    The investment world is full of noise, with a bewildering array of managers, products and services.

    Your investment advisor, supported by EFG specialists, acts as an intelligent filter: seeking out quality, and pulling it together. Ensuring it is complementary, and right for you.

    But we never miss the point - products and services are a means to an end: the future, for you and yours.