What is Investment Management?

Investment management is the specialised management of various securities - including bonds, equities and other assets, in order to meet an investor’s objective.

Performing in line with your objectives

Our investment experts can manage your investments for you in line with your wishes.
We ensure that your goals are central to the investment process, considering your attitude to risk and investment time horizon. Our team will work with you, to create a portfolio tailored to your needs.

Understanding your investments

Making the decisions on your behalf, we create personalised portfolios utilising a variety of funds, including investment trusts, equities, bonds, alternatives and property. The bespoke nature of our business means we are not restricted to utilising set models or in-house funds. This gives our investment managers the ability to create a portfolio specifically designed to your personal objectives and timescales.
Once established, we review your investment portfolio continually, to ensure that they reflect our in-house research and to ensure that they remain aligned with your objectives and how much risk you are comfortable to take.
If your personal circumstances or requirements change, we will discuss with you whether your portfolio remains suitable and your Investment Manager can make appropriate changes.

We keep you up to date through clear and transparent quarterly valuations, available either online via our client portal or via the post if you prefer. We also provide tax year end reporting, to assist with completion of your tax return, as well as regular economic and market updates. You can meet with your investment manager in person, or if you prefer via an online meeting, whatever works best for you.  
We offer a range of managed investment solutions and dealing services, allowing clients to select a portfolio in line with their investment experience.

Understanding your investments

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